Proclaiming Christ

Free Proclaiming Christ to the Nations E-book

Edited by Denzil R. Miller

Imagine what could happen if a passion to reach the nations for Christ was implanted in the hearts of all 22 million adherents of the Africa Assemblies of God!

Proclaiming Christ is another powerful missions resource produced by the Acts in Africa Initiative.  It is a collection of 100 sermon outlines on Spirit-empowered missions,  authored by more than 40 Pentecostal leaders from Africa and America. Like its predecessor, Proclaiming Pentecost, it can be used by pastors and church leaders to mobilize their churches for Spirit-empowered missions.

You can obtain this powerful resource in e-book format (PDF) by clicking on the download links below:

English Version: Proclaiming Christ to the Nations

Download English Version

French Version: Proclamer le Christ aux Nations

Download French Version

Kiswahili Version: Kumtangaza Kristo Kwa Mataifa

Download Swahili Version

Kirundi Version: Kwamamaza Kristo mu Mahanga

Download Kirundi Version