AAGA Information

Delegates attending the AAGA General Assembly in Springfield, MO, USA, in August 2014

The Decade of Pentecost is an emphasis of the Africa Assemblies of God Alliance (AAGA). The Acts in Africa Initiative (AIA) has been tasked by AAGA to lead the emphasis. Below are some important documents relating to to AAGA and AIA:

Africa Assemblies of God Alliance

    AAGA Strategic Objectives (2018-2022) English

    AAGA Constitution English   French

    AAGA DOP Resolution English   French

    WAAGA 2015 Declaration English   French

    WAAGA 2017 Declaration English and French

AIA Reports to AAGA

AIA 2016 Biennial Report to AAGA   English

AIA 2017 Report to AAGA General Assembly   PDF   PowerPoint