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Featured Booklet

The New Testament Strategy of the Spirit: “An Acts 1:8 Model for 21st Century Church Planting in Africa” by Denzil R. Miller and Mark R. Turney

Description: An investigation into the missions strategy used by Jesus and the Apostles with an application to today’s mission.

42 Pages

Download:  English  French

Pentecostal Experience

3-Maintaining the SF Life-3D Cover

Maintaining the Spirit-Empowered Life: “How to Walk Daily in the Spirit’s Power” by Denzil R. Miller

Description: Practical guidelines on how one may remain full of the Holy Spirit.

16 Pages  download

10-Women of Azusa- 3D CoverThe Women of Azusa Street: “Four Spirit-Anointed Leaders of the Azusa Street Revival” by Denzil R. Miller

Description: The exciting stories of four anointed women who helped to launch the modern Pentecostal revival.

25 Pages  download

Pentecostal Ministry

Overcoming Booklet Cover (Web)

Overcoming the Enemy: “How to Challenge and Defeat Demonic Spirits”

Description: A practical and biblical guide on how to identify, challenge, and defeat demonic spirits operating on both an personal and societal level.


5-Pentecostal Theology of Ministry-3D Cover

A Pentecostal Theology of Ministry: “A Theological Outline for Spirit-Driven Ministry’ by Jimmy W. Lemons

Description: A biblical rationale for ministry done in the power of the Holy Spirit.

20 Pages  download

8-Spirit-Empowered Mission 3D Cover

Spirit-Empowered Mission: “Africa’s Decade of Pentecost and the New Testament Strategy of the Spirit” by Denzil R. Miller

Description: Biblical guidelines for leaders seeking to lead their churches into Spirit-empowered church planting and missions.

35 Pages  download

1-Booklet-How to Preach 3D Cover

How to Preach on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit by Denzil R. Miller

Description: Practical advice on how to preach and teach effectively on the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

23 Pages  download

7-Leading Believers 3D CoverLeading Believers into the Baptism in the Holy Spirit by Denzil R. Miller

 Description: Step by step instructions on how to lead believers into the biblical experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

22 Pages  download

2-Leading a National Church-3D CoverLeading a National Church into Pentecostal Revival: “A Way Forward for the Decade of Pentecost” by Denzil R. Miller

Description: Providing national and district church leaders a comprehensive plan for leading their churches into Pentecostal Revival.

17 Pages  download

Pentecostal Training

9-Training Ministers 3D CoverTraining Pentecostal Ministers: “Towards an Authentic Pentecostal Training Model” by Denzil R. Miller

Description: A New Testament model for training ministers during the Africa Assemblies of God “Decade of Pentecost” emphasis.

24 Pages  download

6-Classrom of the Spirit 3D Booklet CoverThe Classroom of the Holy Spirit: “Facilitating the Work of the Spirit in the Classroom.” by Paul B. York

 Description: A study on how one my teach as Jesus and the apostles taught—under the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

19 Pages  download

 4-Pentecostal Curriculum-3D CoverA Pentecostal Curriculum for the 21st Century: “Revisiting the Essentials in Pentecostal Theological Training” by Denzil R. Miller

 Description: A challenge to Pentecostal educators to reexamine their schools’ curricula for authentic Pentecostal and missionary emphasis.

15 Pages  download

An Inquiry into the Obligations of Christians to Use Means for the Conversion of the Heathens

by William Carey (1792)

Description: William Carey’s classic monograph that helped launch the modern missionary movement.

19 Pages download