Free Decade of Pentecost Sermon Outlines

Free sermon outlines on the empowering work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer and in the church.

The following sermons outlines can be downloaded for free in PDF print-ready format.

During the Decade of Pentecost the Africa Assemblies of God have set the goal of seeing 10 million new believers baptized in the Holy Spirit and mobilized as Spirit-empowered witnesses, church planters and cross-cultural missionaries. These sermon outlines are aimed at helping pastors and other preachers achieve that goal.


In addition to these sermons, you can download the free e-book, Proclaiming Pentecost: 100 Sermon Outlines on the Power of the Holy Spirit, by clicking on this link.

Free Sermon Outlines

Pentecostal Power and Passion (45 KB)

To Whom Does God Give His Spirit (37 KB)

We Must Obey God (49 KB)

What We Have We Give to You (45KB)

The Holy Spirit-The Best Preacher (37 KB)

More Free Sermon Outlines

Baptism in the Holy Spirit.pdf (150 KB)

Baptism in the Holy Spirit Series #1 – What Is.pdf (120 KB)

Baptism in the Holy Spirit Series #2 – Why Necessary.pdf (116 KB)

Baptism in the Holy Spirit Series #3 – How Received.pdf (80 KB)

Baptism in the Holy Spirit Series #4 – Our Responsitility.pdf (80 KB)

Did You Receive When You Believed.pdf (148 KB)

Eight Scritpural Reasons You Should Speak in Tongues.pdf (152 KB)

Empowered for the Last Days.pdf (76 KB)

Jesus—The Baptizer in the Holy Spirit.pdf (80 KB)

Lessons Learned from Acts 2.pdf (80 KB)

Living Water.pdf (148 KB)

Most Important Thing in the Church Today.pdf (120 KB)

Springs and Streams of Living Water.pdf (112 KB)

Suddenly from Heaven.pdf (120 KB)

The Missionary Purpose of Pentecost.pdf (84 KB)

The True Baptism in the Holy Spirit.pdf (80 KB)

Times of Refreshing.pdf (120 KB)