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The Decade of Pentecost Report is a monthly publication of the Acts in Africa Initiatives featuring reports on select outpourings of the Spirit in the Africa Assemblies of God. In it you can read about what God is doing during the Decade of Pentecost emphasis from 2010-2020.

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This Month’s Decade of Pentecost Report



April 2017
“AAGA General Assembly”
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Reports from Previous Months

February 2017 – “Ethiopia Acts 1:8 Conference” – Download PDF
January 2017 – “2017 DOP Theme” – Download PDF
December 2016 – “Burundi AG Joins the DOP” – Download PDF
November 2016 – “Sierra Leone AG Makes DOP Commitments” – Download PDF
October 2016 – “Guinea AG Joins the DOP” – Download PDF
August 2016 – “Proclaiming Pentecost Project Update” – Download PDF
July 2016 –  “Day of Pentecost 2016”- Download PDF
June 2016 –  “Togo Easter Conventions” – Download PDF
April 2016 –  “Tanzania Evangelists Mobilize the Church” – Download PDF
March 2016 –  “CAR Joins the Decade of Pentecost” – Download PDF
February 2016 –  “Bold Commitments from Southern Ethiopia” –Download PDF
January 2016 –  “DOP-First Half Progress” – Download PDF
November 2015 – “More DOP Reports from Across Africa” Download PDF
October 2015 –  “Theme for 2016: Compelled by the Spirit” Download PDF
September 2015 – “Pastors Receive Sermon Book” Download PDF
August 2015 – “Revival Reports from Across Africa” Download PDF
July 2015 – “West Africa Churches Make Commitments” Download PDF
June 2015 – “AG Nigeria Launches Bold Initiative” Download PDF
April 2015 – “Spirit Moves Among Burkina Pastor’s Wives” Download PDF
March 2015 – “Senegal Commits to the Decade of Pentecost” Download PDF
February 2015 – “Niger Pastors Make DOP Commitments” Download PDF
January 2015 – “Tanzania AG Mobilizes Evangelists” Download PDF